The River Flows at Wellspring...

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."   -   John 7:38
It is a wonderful thing when the Lord flings a door of opportunity wide open. The Wellspring Therapy Center of Gilbert, newly designed and built, was staffed and ready for residents at the end of 2011. They only had one need yet unmet. Ironically, Wellspring could not find a living stream to bring their residents! They were making contacts with local churches in hopes of finding a chaplain to minister to the spiritual needs of their residents. Doors were not opening for them. As the Lord would have it, our daughter, by divine appointment,  was introduced to this need. Making the necessary arrangements, she was able to connect us with the staff director. 

For several years now we have had this wonderful privilege of sharing the Good News of Christ to those who are weary and in need of refreshment. Some of the believers we have met there have shared with us their gratitude for Sunday services and monthly room to room visits. They just don't know what they would have done without this living spring. Some who never picked up their Bibles, started opening the Word daily and immediately saw a change in their ability to respond to therapy. One resident remarked that she was watching the progress of those who were gleaning from the Sunday services and she saw their recoveries as remarkable. 

Whether going room to room with an invitation to come drink of the waters of life, quietly praying in the privacy of their rooms, or bringing young children to sing joyfully to those who need a change in countenance, our little team of Good Samaritans are happy to pour a little oil and wine into the spiritual wounds of these residents.

Norma and Verna are two residents who
made remarkable recoveries at Wellspring!