" Do you not say, "There are yet four months, then comes the
harvest"? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see
that the fields are white for harvest.”
- Luke 10:2

There seems to be a softening going on right now in the hearts of those that have been placed in our sphere of influence. Hearts seem hungry and consciences are being convicted. Opportunities to reach the harvest are set before us. We need wisdom and preparation for the fields that are ripe. Can you take the time to look around you at those fields that are “white unto harvest”? Are there needy family members that are troubled and could use a phone call or an email to assure them that you are thinking of them? Are you too busy to check in with the neighbors and see if they need a meal or a word of encouragement or just a friendly smile? If you are too busy for these opportunities, you are too busy! We must be faithful in Jerusalem and then we can be trusted in the surrounding regions. The Lord has provided many open doors. We are not focused on the masses, but we do want to be effective with the individuals and families that the Lord has placed in our care. These are some of the comments from the harvest field:

“You're such a blessing in my life!! Thanks for never giving up on me!! “ - former Respite resident and Community Outreach recipient

“Saw Carmen and Chris (Fortified Marriages Ministries) last night. They are great! Thanks for the good referral.” - from someone needing a good marriage counseling referral

My Lord has made big changes and we thank him daily - really seeing his hand in our lives. “ - Community Outreach recipient and another recipient of our networking referral services

“Thanks so much for always being there for me...I don't know what I'd do without Jesus Cares... God is so good to give me your support...you keep me steady amidst all this chaos.” - Community Outreach recipient

“Thank you for your words of wisdom. I will set up boundaries...” - from a parent seeking counsel for their adult child

“I could never thank you enough for your love and friendship. All I can do is make sure you can keep giving what you've given me to others!!!!” - Community Outreach recipients who became donors.. they want to see JCM reach many others like them.

One single mother, estranged from the church since childhood, has been provided with counsel through our Community Outreach. She has recently decided to participate in a local church fellowship. A woman who was formerly a part of our housing program reached out to her. Another single mother is considering the choice to remain abstinent until marriage and is finding out her value in Christ. She was not aware of how God wanted her to view her sexuality. She has not made a decision for Christ but she attended a local church recently and is in the valley of decision. Before seeking out help, she didn't even know there was a decision to be made. We have been able to partner with several churches to find safe support systems for these clients and their children.

How could we reach this harvest without your help? Thank you to all of the supporters that make these Christ connections possible. Thanks to faithful friends and partners, we can demonstrate genuine love and concern to those around us and bring them to the understanding that...


Jesus Cares

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