Exhorting Others to Shine
Their Light...

     Joy is a delightful woman who was once undercover for Jesus. That is, no one in her family, including her husband, step-daughters, and son knew that she had once made a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. To her shame, she mentioned over lunch one day that her friends would certainly never accuseĀ¯ her of being a Christian. She was deeply convicted. After connecting with the ministry, attending a retreat, and then borrowing some materials from our JCM library, she gained the courage to step out and become a witness to her family. She began reading devotions to her son and inviting the family to church events. The following picture paints a thousand words. This paper was an assignment given to her son in his classroom. We are thankful for the impact she now has on others. She is serving in a local fellowship and volunteering in the children's ministry. Her family has a long way to go, but the steps she has taken to come out of hiding is having a profound influence on their lives. We hope Joy's story inspires you to courageously follow Christ and make a difference in the lives of those around you.