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Hope Walking aCross America

We have been privileged to connect with two women who founded a very unique ministry. They share the hope of Christ across America as they walk a marathon in each state. Part of their mission is to encourage others to persevere when their own journey becomes tough. They desire to impart hope and sustain the weary with the Word of God.

  • They pray for revival in each state that they walk in.

  • They present hope by sharing God's Word.

  • They provide a financial blessing to local ministries from state to state.

In January of 2015 they made Jesus Cares Ministries their mission. We are privileged to have made a connection with these faithful sisters who love to share their faith in Christ. Thank you for your prayers for these generous and courageous ladies as they shine their light all across our nation.

Please visit their website:

Peggy and chris
 Peggy and Chris