Behind the Scenes Making a Difference

One of the amazing gifts the Lord has given us is a base of volunteers that do not seek the accolades of men. Most of them, as a matter of fact, are making a difference behind the scenes. Audrey is one such gift the Lord has given us. Several years ago after finding out about our ministry she made her gifts plainly known and then offered these services to us. We had very little contact since that time, yet when a need arose that she could meet, the provisions were there and the event made much more lively by her special custom touch. The first year she helped us included gracing the women at our annual retreat with a special surprise gourmet meal complete with dessert and a CD made especially for that retreat theme. At our pretreat in 2013 she made beautiful dessert cups for all who attended. She also coordinated and prepared the meal at our latest appreciation luncheon for hand's on supporters held at Sun Valley Tempe Campus Church. She hand painted soup mugs for the women who participated in Established Hearts Retreat 2014. She has also been instrumental in helping us make connections in the community. We are thankful for the amazing and unique gifts that she has made available to the women of Jesus Cares Ministries.

Audrey Heine

We honor the people whose gifts, talents and time are invested freely into our mission!