Jesus Cares Ministries has had the privilege of joining with Swaziserve since its inception in 2010. Reaching out to widows, orphans and impoverished families who are devastated by disease, trauma and abuse, Swaziserve stands as a beacon of light in the very darkest regions of Swaziland. Gathering information on how to best assist Kay and John West in their endeavors, two trips were made to connect with the people and the culture. The following video combines the activities of both trips especially highlighting the most recent trip made in July of 2013 by Tom, Doreen and their youngest daughter, Tiffany.
   Though there is much more to be done than can ever be accomplished in their lifetime, significant impact has been made on behalf of many families and children. Education cost is prohibitive to the poorest of the poor but we can easily make it happen for these children. We were able to meet a child that we sponsored for just one hundred dollars. She gave us a handwritten thank you note for the formal education she was able to receive that year. What a joy to hug this child and see how loved she feels. If you would like to make a donation please make checks payable to Jesus Cares Ministries and earmark for "Swazi". We take no administrative costs out and 100% of your donation will go to the needs of these people. If you are making a donation to the people of Swazi on behalf of Georgette Wiggs memorial fund, please let us know so that we can contact her family with the amount received on her behalf.