Sharing the Message of
                             God's Bountiful Love...
     How can we begin to express our gratitude to the Lord for His mighty provisions? After a long season of waiting, we were able to journey across the miles to support our dear friends and ministry partners, John and Kay West. After Tom and I committed the matter of planning our trip to Swaziland in the Lord's capable hands, we quietly waited to see how He would move on our behalf. The answer to our prayers arrived at our doorstep. Two special ladies arrived unexpectedly carrying enough money for 3 tickets to Swaziland! Their parents passed away and they requested that a portion of their estate be donated to Jesus Cares Ministries. What a bountiful provision for our heartfelt cry. More money trickled in and we were able to purchase clothing for the ladies of
Swazi. Tickets were purchased and Tom, Doreen, and Tiffany began our 4th of July festivities bound for Africa. Four airports later and over 30 hours in travel, we arrived safe and sound at the West retreat. The beautiful land of Swazi with its rich, black soil, endless fields of cane, and magnificent sunsets cannot be compared to anything else I have seen and yet the contrast of poverty, and the ugliness of sin's mark on this country leaves you speechless. There is all too much to take in; a mere 2 weeks in this fascinating land can leave you wondering if the seeds sown could possibly make a difference in the vast ocean of need that lies before John and Kay daily. Our mission trip consisted of:
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  • visiting villages and care points
  • teaching Bible studies
  • encouraging the hopeless
  • holding orphans
  • distributing: shoes, Bibles, reading glasses and clothing articles
  • singing songs and listening to them sing
  • and even teaching some simple songs and guitar lessons.
     You leave there wondering why they smile so big and hope so readily. Continue to pray for our dear friends as they reach out to the poorest of the poor. The next time you are tempted to complain about your unfortunate circumstances, please take the time to visit their blog site: http://www.swazilandk.blogspot.com.