John and Kay Move to Swaziland Africa

Dear Faithful Partners,

We have a bitter sweet announcement concerning changes in our ministry that will effect our lives profoundly. We are very excited to announce that, Kay and John West, whom we have partnered with in the ministry for over 18 years have heard the call of God to go to Swaziland, Africa. They are leaving behind well established careers to follow the Lord to an impoverished nation of diseased and starving people. I am confident that as John and Kay follow the voice of the Lord to the harvest in Swazi, they will be blessed beyond imagination.


The bitter part of this change in the ministry is losing a very valuable family that has walked alongside us these many years investing so much into the mission of Jesus Cares Ministries. It seemed like just yesterday that little Zach, their eldest, now in college, was helping to renovate my daughter's bedroom. He was peeling the wallpaper off the wall instead of napping while his mother was busy at Jesus Cares counseling young women! Turns out my daughter was tired of the Holly Hobby wallpaper and I am convinced they must have been in collaboration with each other. Many joyful and tear-filled memories come to mind as we have labored together. Please join us as we pray for all the details and plans to come to fruition for them, and for the void to be filled as God intends.

Jesus Cares For Africa Pouring out ...